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Motex provides all types LED lights for all major brands and models. Just click on the 'contact' button and give us your requirements and we will send you details including the price and specifications of the LED product.

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All Motorcycle LED Under-glow is NOT the Same


There’s no doubt, today’s motorcycle enthusiast or casual rider has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to LED accent lighting for their motorcycle. There are many different types of motorcycle LED lights like pod lights, strip lights, motorcycle lights that can change color and even have some lighting effects.

Here’s what you may not know: each of these options are totally different. Many of these “cheap lights” and even some of the supposed “premium”, high dollar motorcycle LED lights are EXACTLY the same product coming from the same factory as the cheap specials.


Most of the colour-changing motorcycle LED lights are dim and rely on a separate key fob to actually control them.


Some LED lights have an adhesive backing that comes off and adheres to your motorcycle safely. Also, most of these LED light kits for motorcycles come with a simple switch to turn them off and on. There’s no frills and little chance for any kind of malfunction from a key fob. That’s important, especially when you’re riding a motorcycle.


Motorcycle LED Lights: Dim vs. Bright


There are a lot of really cheap lights out there that just don’t compare to the brightness of quality motorcycle LED lights. What makes a “quality” light? Well it all starts with the brightness and colour accuracy of the LED's themselves.



Will It Stick? Adhesive Backing on Motorcycle LED Lighting


Another separator between quality and junk is the adhesive backing. We must have bought up about 30 different light kits from different companies for comparison testing and you wouldn’t believe how cheap the adhesive backing on some of these lights is.

They were literally peeling off our bikes within 15 minutes, even after carefully cleaning the surface area prior to sticking them on. Our motorcycle led lighting kits use high-quality adhesive backing that won’t peel off after proper adhesion.


Not All Motorcycle Under-glow Lighting is Waterproof


This is one area that you NEED to make sure is right. No matter which motorcycle accent lighting kit that you buy, you should make sure that the lights you are buying actually are waterproof. If your motorcycle under-glow lighting takes on water, that can cause a short and potentially a fire on your motorcycle.


Flexible Motorcycle LED Lights Are Better


What do you think is better to get the best possible coverage of accent lighting on your bike? A fixed position pod light or a flexible LED light strip? Naturally flexible motorcycle LED lights will bend to fit the unique contours of your motorcycle and allow you get the light exactly where you want it.


Make Sure You Are Getting a Fuse


Some motorcycle led light kit companies don’t even include a fuse in their accent lighting kits. That is both wrong and dangerous.

Even though most motorcycle LED accent lights take very little power, they can still get super-hot and even cause a fire if there’s a short circuit. Always make sure the motorcycle LED light kit you are buying has a properly rated fuse.

Installation is Required


Keep in mind that the lights you buy won’t install themselves! A little bit of installation is required for a quality and SAFE result. The very best kits will require that you do some soldering to connect wires together for the best and safest installation. You can also use butt connectors to connect wires but soldering is the preferred option.


Stick with Single Colour Light Kits for Your Motorcycle


Although the thought of changing the color of your motorcycle under-glow may seem great, there’s just not enough reliability in making that happen. Most people with multi-color motorcycle light kits only use one color the entire time they’re riding.

Why pay $150-$200 for something that you won’t even use. Add to that the fact that you will be using a separate transmitter to control your lights that can malfunction or run out of batteries.

We only sell single color motorcycle LED light kits with a simple on/off switch for the best quality installation and reliability.


Motorcycle Under-glow and Lighting is a Game-Changer

You probably love your bike right now. Imagine how much better it would be with some super-bright motorcycle led lighting. Once you flip that switch to turn the accent lights on, it’s like an auto-smile for most people.

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