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By Jincheng

The vastness of the sky lies in its width, and the vastness of the people lies in their bosom.



     When the vastness of the people is merged with that of the sky, the sky will turn more expansive and the bosom of the people will turn more extensive.




     When the first plane repaired by Jincheng was flying over the Tienanmen Square in the State Founding Ceremony on October 1, 1949 to accept the inspection of the New China, Jincheng was doomed to have a predestined relationship with the sky and boast a boundless bosom and a lofty aspiration.




     In a flash, Jincheng has gone through nearly 60 years of growth. In the nearly 60 years, feeling the change of the nature and the rhythm of the world, Jincheng people have been making changes and taking actions according to the time and tendency of the nature. Taking “striving passionately to transcend its past achievements” as its driving force, Jincheng has made the present accomplishments by continuous exploitations and hard work and has also laid a solid foundation for its future grand blueprints.


     A wise person will never stop his pace to become stronger. Looking forward to the future, Jincheng will strive to create an internationally first-rate enterprise in the industry of mechanics-electronics-hydraulics, the largest light power R & D base at home and one of the ten strongest enterprises in the industry of motor vehicle and a transnational operation enterprise with international competitive edges by taking “developing Jincheng through internal cohesion and external cooperation; Making contribution to the society by creating advantage and benefit”, to realize its span from “Jincheng in China” to “Jincheng in the world.”

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