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Situated in Chongqing, Jialing is the oldest of the Chinese motorcycle factories having started as a weapons manufacturer (like many British motorcycle companies including BSA, Royal Enfield and Italians Benelli). 


Established in 1875, China Jialing shifted from military production into civilian
production to develop and produce civilian motorcycles in 1979


China Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd. (Group) is a listed company, hold by China South Industries Group Co. Its leading products are motorcycles and engines, special vehicle and small general power machinery. The company has more than 4000 employees and the total assets of more than 4 billion. 

Jialing began to involve themselves in a technical cooperation with Honda in 1981, making them the first Chinese motorcycle company to carry out international cooperation.


Shares of the China Jialing group were first sold on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1995 around the same time, Jialing began to move in to the motorcycle export market in a serious fashion.


Although Jialing is a Chongqing registered company it has subsidiaries in Guangdong, Shanghai and Henan as well as factories established in South East Asia and Latin America. 


Jialing offer a big selection of motorcycle types, models and displacements (from 35cc up to 600cc and has the capacity to manufacture 2 million motorcycle units a year. Jialing also produces motorcycle that pass conformity tests in every motorcycle importing country.


Jialing produce the most recognised motorcycle combination (sidecars) in the Chinese industry.


Jialing's brand value currently stands at 8.135 billion RMB.

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