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Founded on a billion dollar investment back in 1992, Dayang motorcycles has built up its manufacturing line using top quality machinery from Europe and Japan which is housed on Dayang’s 370000 square metre plant. Pressing, welding, plating and engine building are all done in-house contributing to a total annual output of around 1 million units.

Dayang’s current range of motorcycles includes cubs, scooters and street, among others, ranging from economical 50cc models to larger capacity 200cc engines. The company also produce electric motorcycles and trikes. Having been the first Chinese motorcycle company to achieve a national and international ISO9001 quality control system certification, Dayang exports to Europe, Asia, Africa and both North and South America, with many products EPA and DOT approved for American markets and EEC approved for Europe.

The brands has a current valuation of 560,000,000,RMB and employs upwards of 3000 personnel.

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